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Where do we go from here? 

I help organizations

explore new horizons 

and navigate

technological disruption.




Rob Nail is a serial entrepreneur, Associate Founder, Faculty member & former CEO of Singularity University.

He advises organizations on making the shift from linear to exponential mindset, identifying long-term technological threats and opportunities, and making a positive impact. 

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"I like to get my hands dirty and am quick to demonstrate my passion and naivete in any good entrepreneurial pursuit. I enjoy mentoring, advising and learning from small and big companies. I typically strive to help bridge between worlds - linear to exponential, engineer to marketing, startup to corporate, east to west, red to blue, young to old. I enjoy complexity, rarely believe there is a right answer, and am excited to experiment and find a visionary path forward."


There's some cool new stuff coming - stay tuned for Exponential Leadership, 10 years of growing SU, and our SciFi future...

More publications coming soon!
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"The Freedom of Constraints - Turn Obstacles into Opportunity"

A blank page can be a scary thing to face, but adding constraints can be liberating and spark amazing creativity. I am proud to be part of the latest 100Coaches book compiled by Darcy Verhun and includes insights from 30 amazing colleagues! 

Leadership paperback.png

"Leadership in a Time of Crisis - the Way Forward in a Changed World”

Right now, we are learning a lot about what works and what doesn’t work in leading through difficult times.
I am incredibly proud to be included in this new compilation by Marshall Goldsmith and Scott Osman which includes insights from 37 amazing #100Coaches colleagues and me! 


I have had the amazing privilege of working with incredible people who occasionally humor me and hear my thoughts too! Here is an assortment of fun places I've got quotes, contributions, and/or shoutouts! 

Gentry 2018.png

I had the opportunity to guest edit and star in the annual Philanthropy Edition of Gentry Magazine - chock-full of impact, exponentials, and inspiring people! I was proud to share many interviews and insights in a variety of exclusive articles.

Gentry - June 2018



I enjoy facilitating workshops with small groups and engaging with large audiences. My sense of humor, passion for technology, concerns for humanity, and kids usually come along for the ride. 

Exponential Africa with Rob Nail - Singularity University - S1 EP 20

Exponential Africa with Rob Nail - Singularity University - S1 EP 20

Exponential Africa Show with Mic Mann interviewing Rob Nail - CEO and associate founder of Singularity University. Discussing his journey and the incredible global community and ecosystem within the organisation. Rob Nail talks about the mission of Singularity University that lies in educating and creating an understanding of exponential technologies, understanding how to navigate the change that it's bringing into our lives and where it can take us. How do we bring people together using exponential technologies to solve and address the global grand challenges? It is an entrepreneurial approach to solving these worlds biggest problems like hunger, shelter, education. Watch the full episode to learn more about the global interconnected ecosystem that has been created over the years and the vision for the future and its purpose! #futureproofAfrica -------------------------- Click Subscribe and click the bell to get notified each week ➡️Have you seen our latest video: Exponential Africa interviews: 💕 Our Most Watched Videos: Check out our Exponential Africa Playlist for the best in thought leadership and innovation: You can find us on all social media channels FB: Twitter: Instagram: Feel free to email us:

* These are a few examples of public talks over the past few years, but do not necessarily reflect current content or private workshop formats and capabilities. 

Example Keynote Topics

Leading through the Age of Disruption

CEOs today must be the masters of many domains. It’s no longer enough to just know one thing – you need to be a futurist, technologist, innovator, and humanitarian. Explore Exponential Thinking, critical trends and implications, success factors, and a case study on digital transformation.

Exponential Technologies and the Top Trends that Change Everything

Exponentials 101 and exploring the drivers of exponential technologies and potential implications on our lives, businesses and society.  

Intrapreneurship and Disruption from the Inside Out

The myth is that big companies should fear the little ones. Actually, it’s the big companies who can dominate if they have the right mindset and innovation ecosystem.

Design and Communicate with your future AI colleague

Explore the cutting edge of digital humans and virtual avatars. Demo some of Rob’s work with Soul Machines to develop digital humans as AI Assistants, advisors, experts, and teachers.

Leading Transformation from the Board - Harman Case Study

A case study on a traditional company navigating an exponential future. A tale of vision, courage, execution, and unexpected outcomes.

AI, Robotics, and a Future of Work

Automation, robotics, and AI will impact all jobs and the future of what work is. We will not be replaced by robots, we will be empowered by them, but we do need to learn how to work together. 

Community and Diversity for Innovation and Impact

To solve problems that have never been solved before, you need a new approach. The fastest path to innovation is bringing diverse perspectives together in a safe environment to challenge the status quo. Learn about Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program that brings together the most diverse group of entrepreneurs possible to tackle the biggest problems imaginable. 

Future of Manufacturing

The next wave of exponential technologies and the future of how we make things and where. (3D printing, VR, Sensors, Nanotech, Synthetic biology, mining asteroids, bricklaying on the moon, blockchain agency, and more ) 

Future of Learning - Adaptability and Skills for Transition through Disruption

During a time of crisis or disruption, those who are the most adaptable not only survive, but thrive. How to “skate where the puck is headed” and find tremendous future opportunities for education providers, industry leaders, and all of us lifelong learners and kids.  

Entrepreneurship, Social Impact, and Positively Impacting a Billion People 

Entrepreneurs and the Communities supporting them are the most powerful force for good on the planet. We need to inspire more risk takers to address the biggest challenges facing humanity.

Storytelling, Scifi Design, Futures Wheel, and Tools for Forecasting the Future

Forecasting the future doesn’t need a fortune teller, it needs a team, some tools, a little hardworking, and some fun.  

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